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About Us

More than just a swimwear brand. Sunlight Muse is a lifestyle - a movement for empowering women to love themselves and embrace their inner muse. The mission is to uplift every woman and girl through flattering, edgy and bold designs that fuse sophistication with the beauty of the female body in mind. Designed in Miami, FL, Sunlight Muse encompasses the highest quality fabric to ensure comfort and durability, featuring signature up cycled plastic detailing on the most iconic pieces of the collection. Sunlight Muses' array of designs aim at bringing delight to those wandering the world, experiencing life; the woman that dances with the sun and moves the world on her terms.
Raika Jiha, the founder and CEO of Sunlight Muse, was born and raised in Haiti, in a male-dominant culture where women were expected to adhere to traditional roles. In 2016 Raika consciously decided to move to Miami, where she could raise her daughter in a society without turbulence and political instability.
While living in Miami, there she found her entrepreneurial spirit, and Sunlight Muse was born. For Raika, Sunlight Muse is not only a fashion brand but also an example to her daughter, proving that women can be entrepreneurs and leaders. Finding inner strength and defying the odds were important
, as a woman whose parents are Haitian and Middle Eastern.
Although Raika left her homeland , her Haitian roots and upbringing are reflected in her designs; the brand celebrates quality, vibrant colors, and tradition with a modern approach. Thoughtfully designed in Miami, Sunlight Muse was created for the women of a new era: a globe-trotter, unconventional woman, whose style is as effortlessly chic, sexy and sophisticated.
The embodiment of Sunlight Muse is that "every woman is a ray of light; every woman is a source of inspiration—muses of the Sun. Just as the Sun is vital for life, the world wouldn't be the same without women, We bring sunlight to the world."